Building Science & Innovation Advising

We advise clients in the design and construction of homes, neighborhoods and any project having a residential component. We specialize in complex sustainable projects such as university dorms, adaptive reuse projects, and both affordable & market-rate multi-family developments.

Our building science expertise is uniquely holistic, based on all of the sciences of life. As a builder, we face and solve the same constraints of budget and schedule, competitive pressures, and performance requirements of our clients. Our services, thus, are devoted to cost-effectively and pragmatically enhancing the value and performance of every project, recognizing the current state of the industry and market.

We also specialize in projects and supporting clients devoted to going beyond what is commercially practicable, to proof of concept, funded research, and transformative visions of sustainable design, construction, planning and systems design. This includes projects that draw their st andards, metrics & performance from the healthy, living system in which they are immersed, e.g., ecological performance st andards & beyond Genius of Place, resilience & adaptive design, regenerative and projects that enhance the health, adaptive capacity and biocultural/physical function & structure of the living communities in which they are situated.