Resilience Science for Buildings, Communities & Cities

NGBC catalyzes clients to think more deeply about how to design & construct sustainable homes, communities and complex initiatives. Our approach is science-based but pragmatic, for designers, practitioners and doers, using resilience science, biomimicry, and building science that integrates ecology and the sciences of life. Our algorithm, ultimately, is coevolutionary and devoted to enhancing the living world, in verifiable biocultural/physical ways & metrics.

Our process is a science-based algorithm and way of thinking for designers & practitioners to cost-effectively enhance the resilience and adaptive capacity of homes and communities. As an algorithm, we can uniquely adapt the process to actuate the specific goals of any project, client or initiative.

Results take form as:

* Place based metrics and st andards, quantifiable and drawn from the codes, laws and performance of the surrounding living system in which the project is immersed, i.e., ecological performance st andards & beyond genius of place.

* Ecosystem scale biomimicry, through a design and construction process of designers/builders working as keystone species (ecosystem engineer) to structurally and functionally enhance the living world to create an abundance of resources and opportunity for a diversity of species.

* Resilience assessments and recommendations, for homes and cities, including how to interrelate the home & its systems, the site and larger scale community using resilience science and tools of diversity (functional & response), time, place and pace.

* Neighborhood scale st andards, planning, and recommendations, to enhance resilience, adaptive capacity and the health of this and future generations, aka, our children and gr and-children.

* Policy and city planning recommendations and , e.g., ecology as zoning.